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World Heroes ArtworkCopyright: Alpha Denshi (ADK)
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Available for these Systems

Arcade Neo Geo Nintendo GameBoy PC-Engine / Turbo Duo PlayStation 2 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive SEGA Saturn Super Nintendo Entertainment System 

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This game is part of the World Heroes-Series

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World Heroes Title Screen

World Heroes Screenshot

World Heroes Player Select Screen

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© Alpha Denshi (ADK)

manufactured by
Alpha Denshi (ADK)


It's the year 3091, an entity called Geegus is threatening the
planet. The entity studied earth technology and was able to defeat the toughest soldiers, so a scientist using a time machine travelled through time to find heroes that Geegus didn't fight and were able to defeat him.

Controller Information

3-Buttons Controller Layout
Button 1=PUNCH

Button 2=KICK

Button 3=THROW

Playable Characters:

Julius CarnJulius Carn
Kim DragonKim Dragon
Kotaro FuumaKotaro Fuuma
Muscle PowerMuscle Power

(Non Playable) Boss Characters:

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