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Details for Blubber Man

This character is also known as THE EMPEROR OF BLOOD-LETTING

Blubber Man

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3 Count Bout

3 Count Bout © Copyright
SNK Playmore
visit: www.snkplaymore.co.jp

Character´s Profile (Stats)

AGE: 38
HEIGHT: 6'7"
WEIGHT: 350 pounds
HOBBY: Doing shots of Tequila at Emanuelle´s Hideaway

Character´s Story

An Epicurean Madman, he happened into wrestling as a means to pay for his extravagant delights. Due to the rather small pay out by the SNK Wrestling Federation, BLUBBER entered the more financially rewarding world of the "Lion´s Orifice". It was in his evil consortium where he mastered his bloddy techniques. With his hidden knives he turns his opponents to bloody hamburgers.